Happy Easter challenge!

Welcome to the ‘Happy Easter Challenge' from the 'Chitchat funds' app. The app is on the Google Play store. You will definitely love it as it resolves a gap in your desire to assist and helps you fulfil that passion.

You can use it to reach people you would like to help. For instance, maybe you would like to help people in need like women/ young girls/ youths in your village/ town/ Local Govt/ Alumni each with say N1,000 ($2) as an Easter gift. You’ll ba amazed at the difference it will make and the smile it will put on their faces. You can then:

  1. Download, install & create an event (donor foundation)
  2. Specify the amount you are giving in the title (e.g N1,000)
  3. Give a little intro & specify the target and location
  4. Select a criteria so that the approvers know how approve such a person (e.g. show voters card. This shows the village/ward) or don’t compel them to show anything (some of the target market may not even have IDs).
  5.  Fund it with a kick-off amount. (The global payment partner Stripe is a payment processor. In Africa (Nigeria) it uses Paystack)
  6. Share to your target people e.g. in community groups etc.
  7. Share with friends and colleagues of like-passion to co-fund.
  8. Watch the real-time dashboard to see amounts donated and paid-out being  updated in real-time.

Here is a shortcut to the app on Google play store: