What is ChitChatChannel?

CCC is a Social Network is a social network where you ‎keep channels for your Groups or for your Creative works: Books, Lectures, Opinion, Reality Show series - then set any price for such unique content; or not - or simply have a blast chatting and viewing unique and sometimes free content others provide.

You can make your channel available or unavailable ~ for instance most users make it ‘unavailable’ while considering how to build up their presence. While unavailable, participants get a sneak peek of your presence and a snapshot of what you intend to offer (if you include one), but they can’t yet access your content. You can also create extensions of your channel. For instance, if your channel was #100, you can make #100.2, #100.3 with each having its unique title and purpose, which you can use for your other works or even dedicate a channel for your one-on-ones with participants - as you would a conference room, (after which you can delete the channel and next time you have another one-one-one you create another. And of course you can firmly shut others out once all participants are present.

How can CCC be used for groups?

Its unique filing, shelving and retrieving ability makes it fantastic for groups. Channel Presenters can extend rights to Participants to post as co-presenters on their channels. Somewhat like being Admin in social chat groups. The channel-owner can the view logs of what co-presenters post to ensure the channels’ brand is properly being expressed and consumed.

How do I subscribe to a channel?

By default, everyone logs in as a participant. On the landing page upon successfully logging in, you will see a list of channels. To subscribe, simply select any channel there or search for a channel number or channel name using the search box and the selected channel subsequently shows up on your personal channel tray.

How can I get my own channel?

The moment you log in for the first time, you are instantly assigned your own channel number.

How can I access or create my channel?

Once in, click on ‘My Account’ and in a few steps listed below, your channel will be created. The profile picture is your picture that will be shown to the public. You may want to use a personal picture which will show alongside your preferred channel image for other participants to easily recognize you or your works.

Btw, you use ‘My Account’ to switch between being a ‘Presenter’ and ‘Participants’.

Next click as below.

In the ‘Title’ space, give your channel a title.

In the ‘Description’; tell the public what your channel is about.

The ‘Image’ is your Channel image.

You can leave it as ‘free’ for now. But should you want it to be a paid channel, if you click on ‘No’ you will be prompted to put in a channel price and proceed with a verification process. Click on ‘Save’ and your channel is created!

You made it ‘free’ and by default it is ‘Not Available’ which means others can not view it. To have others view it, click on ‘Not Available’ to make it ‘Available’

You can also have many channels. So if for example, your channel is #100.1, you can have #100.2 etc, by simply clicking on ‘Create Channel’ – as many times as you do that, as many times you are assigned decimals to your primary channel.

Also, you can switch back to being a participant so as to enjoy surfing channels presented by other folks. To do so, select ‘Participant’ under ‘My Account’ and update, to become a participant once more.

Do Participants always have to pay for channels?

No. It depends on whether the channel is set as free or not. Participants can see the status of the channel from the Channel list. However, if it is payable channel, Participants can actually select that channel to get a sneak-peek of what is offered before taking a decision.

If I own a channel does ChitChatChannel have a way to invite friends?

Absolutely! As long as the presenter knows the email address of their person they would like to invite. Once you have created your channel, you will find the Invitation box under the Participants tab.

I was invited to a Channel. How can I view it?

Once you log in successfully for your first time, you will see a search box. Plug in the channel name or number and hit search to find it.

If you’ve previously played around with ChitChatChannel and can’t find how to navigate back to the search-page, simply select ‘My Account’ and update yourself as a Participant upon which you will be back to the search-page window.

Who can own a channel?

Anyone can own a channel.

Why would I need a channel?

You don’t! You can simply enjoy channels. However, the ChitChatChannel team believes that everyone has some unique content. It could be some creative works or something intriguing or simply your lifelong passion. Take a channel and express it. When you’re ready, make it public. Invite family, friends and followers who appreciate your unique content for free or a small fee ~ or perhaps a large one; then they will find having a channel worthwhile. You can keep as many channels as you have unique content. And then again, you may want to keep at least one channel for your one-on-one chats. Invite someone. Once they are on board as a participant, you can make it unavailable to the public, who simply see it as ‘unavailable’ - you do this by clicking on ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ and then ‘ONLY PARTICIPANT’ who will then be exempted. And you can now get down to filing and shelving your content while chatting over it.

How do I create my content?

On your presenter landing-page, click on the hyperlink of your channel, it will open up this content page. Fill it, save, and your participants can view right away!

Proceed to create your channel.

How do my participants see my post created?

Below is how your participants will see the post just created above. They are able to add a comment, they can simply click on the FB button to launch their FB page and auto-share your post.

How do I edit my already created post?

Highlight the tree link you want to edit. Click on ‘Edit’ and click on the link again to edit.

Can I copy the link and paste in Facebook?

Absolutely! Copy the link at the bottom and paste into facebook. It will show as below.

I couldn’t view my image. Can I see my work before posting?

Absolutely! Click on ‘Show Content’ to see how it looks.

How much can presenters charge on their channels?

Presenters can charge any amount on their channels. ChitChatChannel enables presenters to find their level of comfort, while building a paying followership and focusing on content creation. But before they do so, they would need to tell potential participants what to expect.

How do I set my price ?

Presenters can set the price on their channels by selecting the PRESENTER and UPDATE

Then clicking on VIEW CHANNEL to get into presenter mode.

On the presenter landing page, (image below), click on EDIT then NO (i.e. it is not a free channel), set your price and verify your account. The system will charge you 1 cent and when it redirects you back to the page, you will reaffirm your channel price for it to show on your channel. Participants would then need to pay for your channel before use.

How is payment processed?

Payment is through PayPal’s secure platform. ChitChatChannel offers an additional layer of security throughout the website.

Need channel ideas?


You could be an amateur or professional movie director and have a movie you want to publish. Go for it! Upload. Invite friends. Set a price. And get 70% royalties.


You may be a writer or just thinking of becoming one. Write your book and publish in chapters. Invite friends from your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook accounts, etc. Set a price. Get 70% royalties on them. But you must always tell potential participants what to expect.


You may be a lecturer or presenter of a lecture. Get your channel. Publish. Invite friends and get 70% royalties.


Groups may find it a cool way of filing & shelving topics and sub-topics – and interacting with them.


If you have enough followers on say, Twitter, then you may unwittingly have a few of them intrigued enough about your person to be interested in paying a fee to watch your own reality show. ChitChatChannel works with professionals around the world who can help you create your own reality show and publish – whether it is a storyline in Text & Image or in Video. If you need help, shoot us a text using the contact form on the Chitchatchannel Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ChitChatChannel/